Tree Service
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 Expert Climbing and proper pruning techniques combine to make your trees safe and healthy for years to come. Pruning is required on all mature trees to remove dead or structurally unsound branches that may harm the health of the tree or endanger the safety of your family and pets.
  •  Dead-wooding  -  A basic tree health and personal safety necessity for trees located over walkways or play areas.
  • ​​ Canopy thinning  -  The selective removal of limbs throughout the canopy to reduce weight and wind resistance while increasing light and improving the strength of the tree.
  • ​ Formative pruning  -  The removal of unwanted branches that encroach on your home or landscaping or to maintain utility line clearance.
  • ​ Vista pruning  -  To make the most of your view
  • Canopy reduction  ​-  Reducing the height or spread of a tree by selective reduction cuts
  • ​ Canopy raising​   -  Usually done to allow clearance walking underneath or to allow light into an area, can give you the appearance of a much larger yard while maintaining the shade you love so much